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Dry Standpipe Project Completed

Dry Stand Pipe

The dry standpipe project that has been ongoing over the last 2 months has finally been completed and our landscaping crew has done a great job and hiding some of the exposed piping near the side entrance of the building. This project started after it was found that the original and aging dry standpipe that extends under the building had some leaks and did not fully pass the requirements by the fire department. With the recent fires at our neighbors Chateau Waikiki last week and Marco Polo last year it comforting to have a sprinkler system and up to date dry standpipe here at the Windsor.

Note: The standpipe extends into the building to supply fire fighting water to the interior of the structure via hose outlets, often located between each pair of floors in stairwells in high rise buildings. Dry standpipes are not filled with water until needed in fire fighting.

Bicycle Room Clean-up

Bike RoomThe resident manager will be making a proposal to the board on Thursday to reconfigure the bicycle room so we can accommodate more bicycles. If approved we will be adding more bike racks.

We are asking all residents of the Windsor to please go down to the front desk and ensure that your bicycle is properly registered and that your bike is displaying the sticker issued by the Windsor. We will be cleaning up the Bike Room in any bicycles not properly registered will be removed to a staging area and then properly disposed of at a later date. It is been over a year since we cleaned out the Bike Room and there’s a lot of bicycles that have been abandoned when owners or renters leave the Windsor and just leave their bikes behind.

Board of Directors positions available

Resident ManagerOver the past month we had one of our board members sell their unit and one other board member had to step down due to their busy work schedule. We currently have two (2) positions on the board of directors that are available and need to be filled. If you are a homeowner and interested in helping The Windsor and being apart up a fun and passionate group of homeowners that want to make the Windsor and its occupants a better place to live than please see Tobey or Nancy at the front desk.

Monthly Home Owners Meeting

Tomorrow, March 21st, we will be having our monthly homeowners meeting in the main lobby of the Windsor. The meeting starts promptly at 7 p.m. with the owners forum in the beginning of the meeting allowing homeowners a chance to voice their opinions or concerns. All owners are encouraged to attend.

Water Detectors & Alarms help protect your Condo

Over the past year the Windsor has experienced a couple of water leaks at different units in the building. Two of them happened when the occupants weren’t in the unit. They were brought to the attention of the front desk when the condo below noticed water leaking from there bathroom ceiling.

Water leaks

It’s been approximately 14 years since the Windsor was renovated from the Hobron Hotel, and new fixtures were installed in all the units. We are starting to see some of the faucets and toilets start to fail or leak. When this happens, depending on if your home or not, could be the difference between cleaning up a little water on the floor or having to have a water and flood company come out and clean up your entire condo and the unit below of excessive water.

This could be a very expensive restoration bill and involve insurance companies with deductibles and increased premiums.

It was brought up at our last board meeting taht condo owners install these water leak alarms so that when water hits these alarms, they will sound off so you take care of it right away.

The Windsor Waikiki and the entire Board of Directors would like to recommend that owners purchase flood alarms and install them behind the toilets and under the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchens. This will add some security so that if we do have a water leak you will be notified by loud buzzing noise from these alarms. They are very inexpensive and a set of 6 will run you under $50.

These can be purchased locally at Home Depot, Lowes department store or City Mill. You can also find them on Amazon with a large selection for you to choose from and various prices listed as “Water Detectors & Alarms”

The Windsor gets new Landscaping Company

Recently The Windsor switched landscaping companies to Devine Nature Landscaping Services and had the whole front entry redone. They removed several of the existing anthurium plants and relocated them near the intercom then they planted 10 new vibrant anthuriums in the front entryway making it full. Then they planted 15 beautiful peace lily and removed several of the dying oyster plants by the glass doors.

Annual homeowners meeting on the sky Terrace

This year’s annual homeowners association meeting will be held on August 17th at 7 p.m. at the Windsors Sky Terrace located on the roof. We are asking that all homeowners who reside at the Windsor or live in the Waikiki / Honolulu area please attend. Last year’s annual meeting was delayed by 30 minutes so that we could contact some of the owners who lived in the building to make quorum.

At this year’s meeting we will be going over some of the projects and accomplishments over the last year and 3 board member positions are available and we will be holding elections for director positions. If you are an owner here at the Windsor and would like to serve as a director on the board you can contact the front desk and submit your application and short resume. Nominations for candidates may also be made from the floor at the annual meeting.

Please be aware that the Sky Terrace will be closed off to “owners only” during this annual meeting which starts at 7 p.m. and is usually completed by about 8:30. Registration begins at 6:30 which also includes pupus and refreshments.

So come out and meet some of your neighbors and get involved.

Speed limit in the Windsor garage is 5 Mph



Over the past couple of months we have received several complaints regarding some of the residents driving through the parking structure at a faster rate than what is posted. The speed limit through the garage is 5 miles per hour and signs are posted throughout the garage and parking area. For the safety and consideration of everyone please make sure you follow the posted speed limits. Several of the corners appear to have blind spots so we ask that you drive with special attention to them.

Also when you exit the driveway and head out onto the road we have recently added stop signs to remind you to be careful of pedestrians that walk by the Windsor. We would like to ask you to please be considerate and slow down while entering and exiting the parking lot.






BBQ – Cleaning up after yourself

Clean your dirty grillBBQ Etiquette

Aloha Windsor residence, we are truly blessed to have 3 high-quality amazing BBQ’s located on property. One is located at the pool level, another one located on the fifth floor near the Jacuzzi and of course everyone’s favorite on the Sky Terrace near the wet bar.

It is been brought to our attention that several guests have not been properly cleaning some of the excess food off the grill after use. We Supply a scouring brush next to all the BBQ’s so that you could help the next person by scrubbing off some of your excess food and barbecue sauce. Our maintenance team cleans the grills every night and they do a great job but we need to give a little courtesy to the fellow cooks after your completed your meal.

We hope you continue to enjoy this amazing amenity along with the awesome views