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BBQ – Cleaning up after yourself

Clean your dirty grillBBQ Etiquette

Aloha Windsor residence, we are truly blessed to have 3 high-quality amazing BBQ’s located on property. One is located at the pool level, another one located on the fifth floor near the Jacuzzi and of course everyone’s favorite on the Sky Terrace near the wet bar.

It is been brought to our attention that several guests have not been properly cleaning some of the excess food off the grill after use. We Supply a scouring brush next to all the BBQ’s so that you could help the next person by scrubbing off some of your excess food and barbecue sauce. Our maintenance team cleans the grills every night and they do a great job but we need to give a little courtesy to the fellow cooks after your completed your meal.

We hope you continue to enjoy this amazing amenity along with the awesome views