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Water Detectors & Alarms help protect your Condo

Over the past year the Windsor has experienced a couple of water leaks at different units in the building. Two of them happened when the occupants weren’t in the unit. They were brought to the attention of the front desk when the condo below noticed water leaking from there bathroom ceiling.

Water leaks

It’s been approximately 14 years since the Windsor was renovated from the Hobron Hotel, and new fixtures were installed in all the units. We are starting to see some of the faucets and toilets start to fail or leak. When this happens, depending on if your home or not, could be the difference between cleaning up a little water on the floor or having to have a water and flood company come out and clean up your entire condo and the unit below of excessive water.

This could be a very expensive restoration bill and involve insurance companies with deductibles and increased premiums.

It was brought up at our last board meeting taht condo owners install these water leak alarms so that when water hits these alarms, they will sound off so you take care of it right away.

The Windsor Waikiki and the entire Board of Directors would like to recommend that owners purchase flood alarms and install them behind the toilets and under the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchens. This will add some security so that if we do have a water leak you will be notified by loud buzzing noise from these alarms. They are very inexpensive and a set of 6 will run you under $50.

These can be purchased locally at Home Depot, Lowes department store or City Mill. You can also find them on Amazon with a large selection for you to choose from and various prices listed as “Water Detectors & Alarms”